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Pesto Ligure - 156 ml

Ingredients: olive oil, fresh basil, cashew nuts, powered milk, lactose, corn starch, cheese (buttermilk, melting salt) salt, garlic, pecorino cheese (sheep milk, salt, rennet), parmiggiano reggiano Dop cheese (milk, rennet, salt), pine nuts.

Keep refrigerated after opening covered with oil.

Perfect for fresh pasta, salted cakes and toasted bread.

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Net weight 140 g
Jar 156 ml

4,48 €

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AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 g of product drained:

Energy: 2432 kj/589 kcal

Fat: 58 g of which saturated fatty acids 5,3 g

Carbohydrates: 12 g of which sugars 5 g

Proteins: 4,8 g

Salt: 3,7 g

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